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remnants of the industrial plants, in the valley of milwaukee. were gonna be saved, but structural issues and they were imploded earlier. i lucked out getting a few shots at dawn after i dropped my mom off a a medical conference downtown.

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i was driving from mauston back to milwaukee taking the the non I system scenic route. it was getting late, so no stopping, but i did slow down. luckily it was just past a traffic stop and i was ready.

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i w
i was told this used to be the old fish house. buy fresh fish there.
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this tuesday i went to the farmer's market and all that was still standing at pressed steel was the beautiful smokestack and i don't know if it still stands, but it would be a shame to have it go. quite majestic in its way. at least i do have some nice photos of the smokestack. i have some photos of the previous trip of them taking down the last building, but haven't downloaded them yet. and another relic bites the dust.
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i just discovered this place thru a blog. love abandoned places. right now i have been documenting the destruction of a manufacturing complex near 'my' farmer's market. most of it built at the beginning of 1900. the steel pressed tank company. absolutely no idea what they made.

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